Dear Virginia AAHAM Members and Friends:

As I sit down to write this message, it's a beautiful, sunny, summer day, however not too long ago, Virginia was hit with major rain storms and record-breaking flooding. Whenever a natural disaster occurs, we hear countless stories of neighbors helping neighbors. I just love those stories, as they warm my heart and make me so hopeful for our future.

We encounter the same great stories within our AAHAM chapter. We see members networking with other members and sharing their struggles, tips and tricks to navigate through the countless regulations, systems and processes. This is what makes AAHAM great and the Virginia Chapter excels at helping others. I am so proud to be working alongside each of you!

Dushantha Chelliah and his committee have once again assembled a superb agenda that will help us tame our troubled waters ... together! Please consider attending the Fall Regional Conference on Friday, September 21st, at Mary Washington Healthcare in Fredericksburg. There will be a wide array of topics presented such as: communication, bundled payments, automating claim status, contract language, as well as hearing from some of our major third-party payer representatives. This is a great opportunity to not only benefit from educational topics that are near and dear to you all, but to also connect with your peers to exchange ideas, solutions and build relationships.

The national AAHAM organization follows suit by offering the Annual National Institute (ANI) from October 17th through the 19th, in beautiful Bonita Springs, Florida. You may find the agenda at www.AAHAM.org/AnnualNationalInstitute.aspx. And while you are booking your calendar, please be sure to reserve December 5th through the 7th to attend the Annual Virginia Chapter of AAHAM Conference. We will be traveling to Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg again this year! Your Board of Directors is excited to host another meeting in this fabulous location and we know the agenda will not disappoint.

I would like to close my message by offering this quote from Misha...

"Networking is not collecting contacts! Networking is about planting relations."

Wishing you a wonderful summer and looking forward to 'planting' alongside of you soon!

Yours in AAHAM,

Linda M. Patry, CRCE-I
President, Virginia Chapter of AAHAM